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Before diving into the installation process, ensure that your environment is adequately prepared. You should be operating with Go 1.20 and have access to the package (version v8.11.5).

Docker Installation

Utilizing Docker for the installation simplifies the setup process, promoting a uniform operational environment.

Installation Steps:

  1. Pull the Docker Image

    docker pull transfa/sendhooks:latest
  2. Run the Docker Image

    docker run -t transfa/sendhooks

Direct Binary Installation

The binary can be obtained directly from the releases page.

Installation Steps:

  1. Download the Binary

    curl -LO
  2. Make the Binary Executable

    chmod +x sendhooks
  3. Run the Binary



Here are some examples on how to start sending data to sendhooks :

const redis = require("redis");
const client = redis.createClient();

const payload = {
url: "",
webhookId: "12345",
data: {
key: "value",
secretHash: "secret",

client.publish("hooks", JSON.stringify(payload));