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Kolawole Mangabo

Integrating webhooks into your system should be a seamless endeavor, allowing developers to focus on core business logic rather than grappling with intricate implementation details. At Sendhooks, this is our unwavering mission: to empower developers like you with a comprehensive webhook solution that streamlines every aspect of the integration process.

Elevating Webhook Integration

Traditionally, adding webhook functionality to a system often entails the arduous task of developing a custom webhook package. However, as your system grows, concerns such as scalability, security, retries, and performance optimization can overwhelm even the most experienced developers, diverting their attention away from product innovation.

Our mission is simple, yet impactful: we enable you, the developer, to concentrate on your core business logic without the burden of delving into the intricate complexities of implementing and managing webhooks.

The Sendhooks Advantage

While various open-source solutions exist, Sendhooks stands out by focusing on the essentials and embracing simplicity. If your goal is to effortlessly deliver hooks to a service by seamlessly integrating a solution into your application, you've arrived at the right destination.

Sendhooks is a webhook engine meticulously crafted with Go, harnessing the power of Golang's concurrency features, robustness, and ease of development. In its current iteration, Sendhooks offers a range of features designed to enhance your webhook integration:

Exponential Backoff

Eliminate the need for manual retries and the handling of failed webhook deliveries. Sendhooks implements the concept of exponential backoff, automatically retrying webhook requests at increasing intervals until successful delivery is achieved. This approach ensures the reliability of your webhook integration, freeing you from constant monitoring.

Redis Integration

Prioritizing data security, Sendhooks seamlessly integrates with Redis for the secure storage of sensitive information. Your data remains protected and inaccessible to unauthorized entities, adhering to stringent security standards.

SSL with Redis

Security and encryption are at the forefront of Sendhooks' design philosophy. Leveraging SSL in tandem with Redis further fortifies the protection of your data during transmission, guaranteeing confidentiality and tamper-proof data transfer.


Efficiently manage high volumes of webhook requests with Sendhooks' queuing system. This feature allows you to control the flow and processing of webhook payloads, ensuring timely delivery and optimized performance, even during peak usage.

Data Signing with HMAC

Data integrity is paramount in webhook integrations. Sendhooks employs HMAC (Hash-Based Message Authentication Code) to sign and verify the authenticity of your webhook payloads, safeguarding against tampering or unauthorized access.

Concurrency with Goroutines

Enhance webhook processing efficiency with Sendhooks' support for Goroutines. By enabling concurrent execution, multiple webhook requests can be processed simultaneously, reducing latency and ensuring smooth handling of high volumes of incoming data.


We understand the pivotal role that logging plays in software development. It's not just a feature; it's an essential component that allows you to monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain your systems effectively. That's why we have seamlessly integrated comprehensive logging capabilities into our webhook engine.


While this marks the inception of the Sendhooks project, our commitment to enhancing webhook integrations is unwavering. We anticipate the addition of even more compelling features in the future, further simplifying the developer's journey in managing webhooks.

Should you require customization to meet your specific needs, rest assured that Sendhooks remains an open-source project, offering you the flexibility to clone and tailor it to your requirements.

Welcome to Sendhooks, where we transform the intricacies of webhook integration into a streamlined, efficient, and reliable process. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to Sendhooks.

Warm Regards,

The Sendhooks Team

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the individuals who contributed to the initial version of this project.